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Choosing The Perfect Memorial

Where to begin in searching for the proper memorial

Here are examples of the different styles of memorials to see which style will best fit you.  Each style can have different finishes for the polishing on the memorial. Price varies depending on the style and finish of each memorial.


Flat Marker

Flat Marker: Style of memorial which sits either flat on top of a concrete foundation, or is set flush with ground level.  Flat Markers usually have a standard thickness of 4”.


Upright Memorial

 Style of memorial which consist of at least a top piece (tablet or die), and bottom piece (base), and sits on top of a concrete foundation.


Bevel Marker

Bevel Marker: Style of memorial which sits on top of a concrete foundation and is taller in the back and shorter in the front to create the beveled look.


Custom Shapes

Style of memorial which is usually more elaborate and shaped different than the standard 2 piece upright.


Slant Faced Marker

 Style of memorial in-between a marker and upright. Slant Faced memorials are thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top to create the slanted look. 



Style of cremation bench which has a flat seat on top to sit on and has “doors” on the front and back with columns on each end to house the urns/ashes.


Serving your needs since 1924

We invite you to come and browse our large inventory, you will see the traditional as well as, unusual and contemporary shapes to choose from. You will see at least twenty different colors to choose from. There are over 400 monuments on display. When choosing the color of Granite, we will suggest the letter styles that work the best, on that particular color. We offer a large and varied selection of sandblasted designs, along with custom etching. Our experienced staff will help guide you through this process with respect and compassion.

When the time is right to begin looking for a lasting tribute to your loved one, our goal is to guide you through options and factors to consider. Will the monument go on one grave or two? Today some couples are choosing cremation over traditional burials. In this case, one grave will accommodate both cremains and the monument would be placed on one space. If you are planning on burials for both, the monument would be centered over two spaces.

Some families already have a design in mind when we meet and discuss their thoughts for personalizing their monument. Others have ideas but may need guidance, as to how we can bring it all together, to create the design they are looking for.

Here at Fackler Monument, we encourage families to think about pre-planning their memorial. This allows couples to choose what they feel is right for them, without the stress of decision making at the time of loss. It also takes the burden away from the family, knowing that the monument has already been placed at the cemetery.

In your search for the "perfect memorial", we at Fackler Monument would consider it a privilege to assist you.

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Roger and I would like to thank you for your kindness shown to us as we were planning the memorial stone for our son.

Thank you so much Anthony for your help and patience with us. The memorial stone is absolutely beautiful. The workmanship is just amazing.

Thank you so very much.

Dear Facklers & Employees,

Thank you so much for your beautiful work on our memorial monument. Our family is very pleased with the lovely results.

Thanks again and God bless you richly for your efforts.

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