On Site Cemetery Services

 Here is a list of services we provide at the gravesite.

  1. Cemetery Lettering:  Our most common on site service where we engrave the final dates into existing memorials as well as any designs or other added lettering requested by the family.  Generally, we do the engraving right at the grave site unless it is multiple designs and lettering we are adding. In which case, we pick up the memorial to be engraved from the cemetery and bring it back to the shop for the engraving.  Once the engraving is completed, we return it to the cemetery and re set the memorial.

  2. Re-setting Memorials: Service in which our company receives a call to either move a memorial onto another foundation at the family’s request, or re-setting of a memorial which has been knocked loose from the foundation.  It does not happen often at all, but every once in a while a memorial is hit by a lawnmower and is knocked loose from its seal. The cemetery is typically liable for the labor cost of re-setting the memorial if they are responsible for hitting it.

  3. Installing Vases:  Service where we install vases to the memorial after it has already been set.  A family calls or comes in to purchase vases they would like to add to the existing memorial, and we install the vases to the memorial.  There is a labor fee to install the vases.

  4. Mounting Government Issued Bronze Veteran’s Plaques: Service of mounting a government issued veteran plaque on an existing memorial at the cemetery.  We drill holes into the stone where the plaque is to be mounted and use a very strong granite epoxy to fasten the brass all thread from the plaque, to the memorial.  We encourage families to order the Niche Plaque (5” x 8”) as it is the smaller plaque and usually fits much easier on the memorial.  Most plaques are mounted on the back of the memorial. However, we can mount plaques on a foundation, flush with the ground at the foot of the grave.

  5. Foundation Work: Service of working on an existing foundation in the cemetery at the request of the family to possibly level or pour a new foundation altogether.  *NOTE* If the cemetery is responsible for pouring the foundation, they are responsible for fixing the mistake, however sometimes we are contracted by the cemetery to do the work.  There are many cemeteries we deliver memorials to which pour their own foundations as a rule. We dig every foundation possible below the frost line and square the bottom out as it is of the upmost importance for every memorial.

  6. Monument Cleaning & Restoration: Service in which our company receives an order to either clean a memorial on site, or bring it back to our shop and restore the memorial as close to new as possible.  After the cleaning is done, we will take it back out and re-set the memorial if necessary. However, we strongly encourage families to clean the memorials because it saves the family money in the long run.  Memorials can be restored with a simple cleaning solution from any hardware store, applied with a brush and then rinsed off.
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