Memorial Portraits

We believe that a memorial portrait is more than just a picture. It opens the possibility of creating a bond between generations, connecting the past with the present.

Fackler Monument Company offers the biggest selection of memorial portraits in the industry. Ceramic, Slim-Enameled Steel, Dedo Classic and Ceracut. All of our products can be ordered for people or pets. Many people choose a photo of a treasured vehicle or a symbolic item like a badge or a bird. You can choose a white border, or bring the photo all the way to the edge (no border). Let us help you choose what's best for your project.


Ceramic is the most commonly used cameo world-wide. Fackler Monument Company uses a 100% porcelain plaque which is versatile and is a great choice for any application. It’s impermeable to water, so it won’t deteriorate over time, and the perfectly flat back found only on a PSM cameo is ideal when choosing to install using tape. Approximately ¼’’ thick and available in many different shapes and sizes.

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