The Monument Process

We’ve already touched on where to begin when searching for the proper memorial, but we would like to help you take a closer look at the different steps of the memorial process.  Please enjoy this educational and informational walk through the memorial process with us!


Meeting with Clients

Call, email, or just come in to pick out which memorial best fits the need.  Please have the cemetery and any deed/lot information if possible as it makes things much easier.  We go through the showroom with each family until they’ve selected the memorial. After the memorial is selected, we sit down and write up the contract. The family picks out all the designs and wording for the memorial. Once the contract is written up and the family leaves our facility, we take care of everything else from then on so it takes more stress off the family. We want every family to be comfortable and at ease when selecting the memorial. In addition, be able to have what is wanted along with meeting the cemetery requirements.  We never pressure anyone into buying!

Layout Design

Once the contract is written up and the designs picked out, our designer puts together an approval drawing for the family to review it.  If adjustments are needed, call in or email us the adjustments and we will make the changes and send out another approval drawing. We will do this process until the drawing is signed by the family and/or approved via email.  It is very important every family checks the spelling and dates of every drawing as we do not know the original information.

Pouring the Foundation

Part of the process where concrete is poured at the gravesite for the memorial to be placed on.  The foundation is one of the most important aspects of the process. If the foundation under the monument is not poured correctly, the memorial could eventually lean causing further issues down the road.  We pour our own foundations in every cemetery we are allowed to so we can control that aspect of quality. If a cemetery is responsible for pouring the foundations, they are responsible for fixing mistakes if needed.  For pricing out foundations in cemeteries which pour their own, we use the cemeteries’ cost formulas and specifications for pouring the foundation. You pay us the exact amount for the foundation, and then we take care of ordering it for you through our company.

Engraving Process

Once the drawing is approved, we move to the engraving process.  This part of the process is where we lay the design cut into stencil onto the memorial, and engrave (sandblast) the designs and lettering into the memorial.  We also shape carve flowers to make them appear more realistic. Every memorial is engraved right in our back shop so we are able to control the quality.



Process in which a laser burns pixels on the polished of a memorial to create a picture like detailed photo or scene which will last for generations to come.  Our laser etchings are done by the best etchers in the industry with over 25 years of experience. The memorials are etched down in southern Indiana at our etchers’ facility, and then brought back up to our shop once completed to be finished and set.  You can etch anything and everything from photographs to full scenes, or it could be several photographs put together to make one scene. Etchings show up the best on solid black granite, however, other colors can be etched. Etchings go right along with our approval drawing process.  We work with our etchers to do a drawing for the family so it is all laid out together, and adjustments can be made if needed.

Monument Setting

Process of placing the completed memorial at the gravesite.  We set every memorial in the cemetery ourselves, unless we are directed to drop it off at the cemetery for them to install it.  We seal every memorial to the foundation using a monument setting compound to keep the water out from underneath the memorial.

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